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InsideArt Education DVDs

InsideArt is offering a special introductory offer for our latest DVD release. The four engaging and insightful new art educational DVDs join the InsideArt offering for the 2016 academic year. The new releases join the successful showcase of 8 InsideArt education DVDs already available. The new InsideArt education releases include Women in Art, Perceptions of

InsideArt Named Best Arts Program

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 by

InsideArt has won the prestigious Antenna Award for Most Outstanding Arts Program for 2014 The Antenna Awards recognise and showcase outstanding community television programs broadcast on stations of Australia’s Channel 31. Hosted by Melbourne’s Channel 31 at Fed Square, the Awards are drawn from a pool of nominees, a final list is selected for each award. More than 500 initial nominations

Jeffrey Smart was a very lucky man. He lived his passion daily. He lived in a house that he loved in a place that he loved. He was able to travel across Europe regularly to experience the works of the great classical artists who were his inspiration. He lived with a man he loved and

The Genius that is Ron Mueck

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 by

The expatriate Australian artist Ron Mueck  is probably one of the most successful sculptors of the 21st century. Mueck, who began his career working as a puppeteer on the childrens’ TV show, Shirl’s Neighborhood is now based in London where he slowly produces exquisitely lifelike, super-scale statements on humanity.  Woman with Sticks. Courtesy Hauser and Wirth,

Charles Justin is an acclaimed architect-turned-developer with a large art collection and an eye for a good idea. He is developing a new apartment complex in Chapel St.,  St Kilda which he has handed over to three artists who have created interventions to the derelict and abandoned building as it waits for demolition. The end result

Andrea Smith comes home

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 by

Andrea Smith left Australia 25 years ago. Along the way she rode a motor scooter- called Hannibal-across Europe, settled in Florence, learnt how to paint and began a whole new life. After a lengthy stint in new York where she also founded a small art school, she has now moved to Rome and continues to

Del Kathryn weaves her magic

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 by

Del Kathryn Barton has a highly distinctive style. She uses drawing to map out her works and in her own highly decorative, illustrative style provides a very personalised view of her subjects. In this case it is Hugo Weaving in an unmistakeable, iconic Del Kathryn portrait. In this interview with InsideArt TV, Del Kathryn talks

The inveterate collector Pat Corrigan who’s just launched his Magnum Opus on his own massive Indigenous art collection. Published by MacMillans, Power and Colour was launched  in Melbourne by the NGVs Tony Ellwood and in Brisbane by the  former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Pat owns a transport company but his real passion is art in

Vincent Fantauzzo’s hyper-scale, hyper-realist portrait of his girlfriend, the actress Asher Keddie is a finalist at this year’s Archibald Prize. Vincent spoke to Inside Art as he put the finishing touches to the portrait before dispatching it to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. He has come agonzingly close a couple of times with

Another Beautiful Brack

Wednesday, 13 March 2013 by

Another of John Brack’s iconic ballroom series  is the star attraction at next week’s Menzies Fine Art auction in Sydney. Tim Abdallah, Menzies’ Head of Art,  rates these paintings as amongst the greatest of the Australian post war modernists. The last of these to go to auction was a few years ago: The Old Time