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Head Above Water

Wednesday, 07 November 2012 by

Gallerist Catherine Asquith believes emerging sculptor Melanie Fitzmaurice has a big future. So she is taking her to the Art Stage Singapore art fair as her solo exhibitor. That’s high praise. Inside Art talked with both Catherine and Melanie as they get ready for the trip to Singapore in January. Catherine Asquith The emerging sculptor

Melissa Loughnan’s Utopian Slump

Thursday, 27 September 2012 by

Melissa Loughnan is young- she is probably Australia’s youngest art gallery director. She has a great understanding of the business and she is successfully representing 15 artists- all of whom are older than her. Her gallery, the intriguingly named Utopian Slumps  juxtaposes both sides of life in art. The ups of utopia and the downs

Peter Burke trained as an artist but has really found his niche as a guerilla gallerist gate crashing the large art fairs and providing a different avenue to selling art. We bumped into him at this year’s  Melbourne Arts Fair where we discovered his coat lined with small 4cm square images on miniature stretched canvasses.

Juliana, Queen of Contemporary

Thursday, 20 September 2012 by

Juliana Engberg is a self-contained artistic phenomenon.  A curator, writer, publisher and designer, Engberg is currently the artistic director of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne. Juliana has stood like a beacon in the contemporary art world in Australia putting her indelible stamp on Melbourne’s ACCA- a Kunsthalle venue- a German word which

Amber Wallis sexing up the Slumps

Wednesday, 15 August 2012 by

The Australian Art Collector described the energetic Amber Wallis as producing sexually charged canvasses as “ simultaneously subverting and extending the most traditional of Australian painting genres”. Amber was the recipient of the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and she now shows with soulmate Melissa Loughnan at Utopian Slumps.We talked with Amber on the eve

Don’t cry for me…

Monday, 06 August 2012 by

Adam Cullen, the gifted but troubled artist, died just before this year’s Art Fair. He was 47. But art always lives on. And here was Adam on canvas- if not in life. Queensland gallerist, Bruce Heiser was expecting a new show from Adam but unfortunately for all, it didn’t happen.  This Cullen has all the

Peter Burke is a visual artist who works across digital media, drawing, painting, performance and mass media formats including billboards and newspaper headlines. He is also Peter Burke Geurilla Gallerist.  And here he is in the Art Fair with his coat open showing off the work of a number of artists in small 2inch square

Victoria Lynn, The Director of the Tarrawarra Museum of Art perhaps, summed up the 2012 Melbourne Art Fair best, when she said it looked like everyone had said: “Things aren’t going too well in the art world. So lets just have fun and enjoy ourselves” This year’s Melbourne Art Fair was distinguished by colour as

Ian Burns is an inventive sculptor with an engineering bent which allows him to actually make his wildly creative things work! Its an interesting combination of right brain-left brain with his large sculptural pieces made from found objects and household items such as, TV screens, magnifying glasses, umbrellas,  ladders and lights. Ian is also able

Ken Fehily has had an interesting career as a high powered Price Waterhouse consultant. Having a life changing moment he decided to get out early and do something he really wanted to do. He is now the Chair of the Melbourne Art Fair which opens next Tuesday night at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton.