Art Bubbles! A new Video Shorts program from InsideArt

InsideArt.TV is launching a new Video Shorts program called ART BUBBLES.

It’s going to be a regular program of interviews with artists, gallerists, curators and influential arts identities talking about the things that are happening in the art world today. It’s going to be newsy and informational. But above all, its going to aim to be entertaining with artists speaking their mind unfiltered.

We are calling it Art Bubbles as it represents the thought bubbles of artists, speaking their minds: what’s important to them and the reasons why they do what they do!

Each week we will upload a new episode of Art Bubbles so it will always be current and will mostly deal with contemporary issues.

Luke Cornish- Australia’s premier stencil artist

Our first episode of Art Bubbles features Australia’s premier stencil artist Luke Cornish. Also known by his nom de plume of ELK. His work is internationally recognised and has often featured art from war inspired imagery, such as his gas-mask wearing warriors.

ELK - warrior

He broke away from the street art scene several years ago to concentrate on more mainstream imagery, including portraits and street scenes. His first major foray into portraiture landed him a finalist’s place at the Archibald Prize two years ago with his intricate portrait of father Bob McGuire the out-spoken Catholic priest from South Melbourne.

Father Bob-Archibald

The portrait was made up of multiple stencils and was uncannily realist in its execution.

Luke followed this up with a much larger – and much more intricate – portrait of the aboriginal actor Jack Charles. This portrait, however, did not make the finals of last year’s Archibald and the goss was that the judges had regarded it as too lifelike. What the judges had failed to realise was the amount of time Luke takes to make each piece, all by hand with just a scalpel.

Jack Charles

Art Bubbles – first episode

Our interview with Luke Cornish took place just after the launch of his latest show at Metro Gallery in Malvern. The work is even more complex and intricate than before and is now priced accordingly. The show was a success with prices now in the high 20’s for major works and with numerous red dots to show their success.

Luke Cornish Hong Kong

“If you’re not on social media – QUIT NOW” Luke Cornish…

Luke was relaxed and at ease with his success and talked to us about moving from the street to the galleries, the effect of social media on the promotion of work and the importance of support infrastructure for an artist.

It’s an insiders view of life as an artist.

Luke #2