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Vincent Fantauzzo photographed by Michel Lawrence as he finishes his entry for the 2013 Archibald Prize

Vincent Fantauzzo’s large scale hyper-realist portraits are obviously much more popular with the public than they are with the Archibald Judges. He has missed The Big One five times now while winning the Packing Room and People’s Choice Awards. He has just done it again with the portrait of his girlfriend, Asher Keddie. Vincent Fantauzzo

Re-Mastering the Masters

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 by

John Payne is a master conservator. He is the ultimate backroom boy. Without him and the other conservators at the NGV – and all the major public galleries the beautiful works that form the major part of the museum, collections would be in decline. Inside Art decided to take a back room tour to talk

Paul Cox first came to the notice of the Australian art world with some nude photographs he took not long after landing here from Holland. He had just rented space on Punt Road, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Melbourne. He had mounted some of the larger prints in the window of the shop front

Charles Justin is an acclaimed architect-turned-developer with a large art collection and an eye for a good idea. He is developing a new apartment complex in Chapel St.,  St Kilda which he has handed over to three artists who have created interventions to the derelict and abandoned building as it waits for demolition. The end result

Keeping the Blockbuster juggernaut rolling, the NGV has launched its 2013 Winter Masterpieces with a 60-piece exhibition of Claude Monet’s iconic Giverny classics. Monet, while not the founder of Impressionism, gave the 19th century Paris-based movement its name with his painting Impression: Sunrise. Monet’s most iconic works, including the waterlilies and the Japanese bridge paintings, however,