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Jeffrey Smart has been a giant in the Australian art world for the past 30 years. He is now 91 and his last painting, Labyrinth is a feature of the TarraWarra retrospective: Master of Stillness: Jeffrey Smart paintings 1940-2011. Opens Friday 21 December until 31 March 2013. Jeffrey Smart’s last painting: Labyrinth Earlier in the

Pat Corrigan has been an avid collector for most of his life. For the past ten years he has amassed a massive collection of indigenous art. He has now picked the eyes from his extraordinary collection with the help of Macmillian publisher Jenny Zimmer and author Jane Raffan to produce a mighty big book, titled

In Demand

Monday, 10 December 2012 by

Thomas Demand takes photographs of room sets modelled from cardboard and paper. The photographs then become more of a record of an event than simply a record of a place. Thomas is a German-born artist working in Los Angeles and he translates two-dimensional objects into three-dimensional ones. Then he brings the models to life by

Wall-sized tableaux

Tuesday, 04 December 2012 by

The Canadian photographer, Jeff Wall, is a major figure in modern contemporary photography and his work reflects that, not just in composition, but also in scale. Wall’s photos are large and luminous and he is credited with inventing the modern tableaux genre of large scale photography. In this, his first Australian survey, co hosted by

Julian Twigg is one of Australia’s best en plein air painters. And he has a special niche: Julian paints ships from his boatshed on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsular from the beauty of the Sorrento cliffs. Inside Art has been one of Julian’s biggest fans and so we visited Julian to see how he works and most