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Dr Gerard Vaughan has been the Director of Australia’s largest public gallery, The National Gallery of Victoria, for the past 12 years. In that time  the flagship gallery has undergone a major refurbishment to bring it into the 21st Century, a brand new gallery has been built at Federation Square and the gallery has introduced

Gavin Brown paints large bold portraits and group portraits in strong primary colours. For some time he has been using collages he makes from glossy magazine pages for his inspiration and uses them almost as a study before he begins one of his large scale paintings. Just back from New York where he went for

What are mates for?

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Painting of course. If you’re Peter Wegner. Peter Wegner is a very fine portrait painter. His work is currently on show at The National Portrait Gallery in London as a finalist in the 2012 BP Portrait Award. For 25 years he has painted his friend Graeme Doyle, himself a painter and a poet. Graeme suffers

Tom Lowenstein is one of Australia’s most respected tax accountants and financial advisors whose association with the arts extends over 30 years. He has been a board member of the Museum of Modern Art at Heide, a founding board member of Vi$copy, and a Foundation Board member of 200 Gertrude Street. He is currently a

Richard I’Anson is a well known Australian photographer (He was voted Australia’s best Travel Photographer in 2007) with a well trained eye for the beautiful landscape. He says that the secret of great travel photography is simply “…being there and taking my opportunity…” Richard shares some of his insights into his craft and his art

Edmund Capon, the recently retired Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales said of Graham Fransella:  “Making marks is a fundamental human instinct and, as such, those marks are notes of presence, of our having been, of time and of place. They remain, like Fransella’s images, powerfully and convincingly real, and yet anonymous

Heide was the crucible of the modern art movement in Australia. Vitally important and central to the outpouring of new work in the formative post war years of Australian art, Heide is perhaps  best known as the birthplace of Sidney Nolan’s iconic Kelly Gang series. Today, as Melbourne’s Museum of Modern Art, it continues to

Cristina Popovic is a transplanted Transylvanian! An abstract expressionist, she has shown around the world, most recently in New York. Her work is powerful and driven by her own athletic construct. Like Jackson Pollock, she throws her paint around with abandon- but in a well planned, directed and decisive manner. Cristina uses layering and pouring

The critic Christopher Heathcote said of Graeme Drendel: “…so what are the qualities of these paintings? They are absurd. They are funny They delight in the fallible and the human.” Graeme Drendel’s drama-laced works feature people in strange yet familiar poses and come from Graeme’s unique mind’s eye. Graeme often makes the story up as

The nuclear meltdown at Fukushima just over 12 months ago, following the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami, was nothing short of horrific. In the clean up following the disaster thousands of photographs were found and some were returned to their owners. The Lost & Found project is attempting to return pictures from the collection to their